Taught By Anne Haight, founder/Director of Freedom Road Pilates and Instructor Trainer Pilates Academy International; and Heather Hayes, Trainer at Freedom Road Pilates and Instructor Trainer for Pilates Academy International



Cost 360.00 (does not include
materials and manual)

MAY 5TH 12-6, MAY 6TH 12-6


(Covering Tiers 1,2,3) Total hrs 32

Cost 1100.00 (does not include materials
and manual)

May 11th 3-6, May 12th 12-6, (May 13th Mother’s Day)

May 18th 3-6, May 19th 1-6, May 20th 1-6

June 2nd 1-6, June 3rd 12-6


Course space is limited to 8 people. Must have at least 4 people to run the course.


For more information please call Freedom Road Pilates at 914-833-1300.


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Application Process


Students applying for admission into a course administered by Freedom Road Pilates will need the following:

  • Completed application form
  • 2 letters of professional recommendation
  • $200 deposit, refunded if you are not accepted
  • Evidence of teaching experience, if applicable
  • Personal Statement summarizing your intentions

Although students enrolling in courses administered by Freedom Road Pilates are not required to have previous Pilates experience, students with prior experience are able to progress much more quickly.


Core Curriculum


All courses at the Pilates Academy International will focus on the following:

  • Fundamental execution of each exercise
  • Anatomy and bio mechanics of each exercise
  • Exercise modification
  • Cueing and correcting
  • Workout design
  • Transition
  • Progression
  • Teaching group classes
  • Teaching a variety of fitness levels
  • How to vary a workout
  • Client retention


A written and practical exam will be administered for All Population courses. The Progressions/Challenge courses only require a practical exam for the certification. Exams must be taken within a year after the last day of the last course attended. The written and practical must be taken within two weeks of each other. If you do not pass your exam you may retake it only once and for an additional fee.

"Crossing Over"

The Pilates Academy International recognizes the content, reputation and integrity of other Pilates certification programs. If you are interested- or think you might be interested- in converting your certification to the Pilates Academy International's certification, please, send an email with the subject heading "crossing over" to





Certification Application

Information Booklet


Pilates Instructor Training

Pilates Academy International


The Pilates Academy International believes a great Pilates instructor must have three essential skills: a solid understanding of anatomy, bio mechanics and postural issues; a strong command of the exercise repertoire, including modifications for all fitness levels; and the ability to inspire and motivate clients.

At the Pilates Academy International, our goal is the PROCESS of attaining a more balanced, optimally functioning body, not an obsession with a result. While emphasizing the proper execution of the Pilates repertoire, we teach our students to focus on the unique needs of each individual client. As each client has a different life history, movement habits and limitations, he or she may not ever be able to achieve the "proper execution" of an exercise.


Our program not only teaches students to analyze and assess a variety of conditions quickly-from the simple to the complex-but also instills students with a wide range of modifications of traditional Pilates exercises. Modifications preserve the intended goal of the exercises, making them accessible to all ages, body types and fitness levels.


As clients embark on their journey to discover healthier movement patterns and find more freedom in their bodies, our students are prepared to help them meet their unique fitness goals.


Course Descriptions


Anatomy, Bio mechanics and Posture Review (APB) 12 hours

This course reviews the structure (bones, muscles, joints, etc.) that forms the support of the human body. An emphasis will be placed on the "ideal" posture and bio mechanics of each joint while helping students learn how to detect abnormalities both statically and dynamically. Open to all personal trainers this invaluable course will help make you provide lasting results to your clients and will increase your marketability.

All Populations Mat (APM) 36 hours
This course teaches the first three tiers (Fundamental 1, Fundamental 2 and Intermediate) of the Mat repertoire. Students will learn how to modify exercises for all age groups and fitness levels to create safe and effective workouts. Emphasis is placed on maintaining variety and providing small challenges while safely progressing a client in order to avoid monotony. 68 Exercises Prerequisite: ABP or proof of competency

Mat Progressions/Challenge (MFC) 6 hours
This course teaches Tiers 4&5 (Advanced Intermediate and Advanced) of the Mat repertoire. Students will learn to assess when to challenge a client and how to progress the client safely and effectively. 20 Exercises Prerequisite: APM

AH populations Reformer (APR) 48 hours
This course covers Reformer exercises, and equips students with an ability to customize workouts for all ages and fitness levels. Covering the first three tiers, Fundamental through Intermediate, APR also teaches the physics of the Reformer so that students understand how to safely correctly operate the Reformer. Emphasis is placed on the differences between Pilates machine and regular gym equipment to prepare instructors to meet their clients' various needs. 134 exercises. Prerequisite: ABP or proof of competency.

Reformer Progressions/Challenge (RFC) 18 hours
Students will learn how to teach their clients very challenging Reformer exercises, using Tiers 4&5. Care is taken to ensure each student understands the benchmarks a client should accomplish before an advanced exercise is attempted, which may include exercises on other equipment. 67 Exercises. Prerequisite: APM, MPC, APR


All Populations Cadillac/Tower (APCad) 30 hours
This course teaches students the fundamental first three tiers of exercises conducted on the Cadillac/Tower. The Cadillac provides focus on isolated joint movements to strengthen the joint properly and correct faulty movement habits. Emphasis will be placed on the benefits of Cadillac exercises as stepping stones to a more challenging workout. 128 Exercises. Prerequisite: ABP or proof of competency

All Populations Barrels (APBarrels) 8 hours
Covering the first three tiers of exercises on the spine corrector and ladder barrel, students will learn how to incorporate the barrel into a clients workout-using it as a support or a challenge, depending on the exercise. 122 Exercises. Prerequisite: ABP, APM

All Populations Chair (APChair) 16 hours
Students will learn the first three tiers of Chair exercises from Fundamental 1 through Intermediate. Students will be taught the many merits of the chair and how to integrate this often under-used piece of equipment into clients' workout routines. 66 Exercises. Prerequisite: ABP or proof of competency

Barrels Progression/Challenge (BPC) 4hours

This course builds on the material learned in the APBarrels course, adding the final two tiers of the repertoire. Students will learn how to use these exercises to challenge both their core strength and their own body awareness and control. 33 Exercises. Prerequisite: APBarrels

Chair Progressions/Challenge (ChairPC) 6 hours
This course adds Tiers 4 & 5 to the chair repertoire learned in the All Populations Chair course. Students will not only learn the new exercises, but also how to progress their clients carefully, delivering optimal results in strength and control. 23 Exercises. Prerequisite: APCnair

Special Conditions: Foundations & Mat (SCFM) 18 hours
This course adds Tiers 4&5 to the chair repertoire learned in the All Populations Chair Course. Students will not only learn the new exercises but also how to progress their clients carefully, delivering optimal results in strength and control. 23 Exercises. Prerequisite: APM

Special Conditions: Reformer (SCR) 4 hours
This course teaches students how to use the Reformer as a post-physical therapy exercise regime for client recovering from an injury. Care will be taken to teach HOW to progress a client based on the information and release form provided by the doctor or medical professional. Prerequisite: APR, SCFM


Special Conditions: Cadillac (SCC) 4 hours

This course teaches students how to incorporate Cadillac exercises into a client's post-physical therapy workout. The Cadillac helps clients with neck and shoulder issues, and reinforces abdominal support. Prerequisite: APCad, SCFM

Special Conditions: Chair & Barrels (SCCB) 4 hours
This course teaches students how to utilize the chair and barrels to assist clients with unique physicality during their post-rehabilitative phases. The chair offers an upright alternative to the Reformer for many exercises, and the barrels assist clients who need additional lumbar support. Prerequisite: APChair, APBarrels, SCFM

Programming for Results: All Equipment (PRAE) 12 hours
This course should be called "How to Retain Clients!" Due to popular demand, we created a final programming course to help integrate the exercises on various pieces of equipment. This helps students learn to customize workouts for their clients quickly and accurately. Because all equipment is utilized, students learn how to provide variety for their clients to keep each lesson interesting and invigorating. Clients never get bored as they progress at a pace that is right for them. This course empowers students by enabling them to design a variety of "one hour sessions" for a number of case studies, and will provide them with invaluable feedback. Students will return to their clients with a new sense of poise and confidence... and renewed energy. Prerequisite: ABP and APM

While the course will be more beneficial to those students who have taken subsequent equipment courses, the programming tools taught in this course can be used to retain clients in any setting.

Additional Requirements for All Population Courses Include Observation Hours:

10 - For All Population Courses
Practice Teaching/Physical Review Hours-
15 - APBarrels
30 - APM, APCad and APChair
50 - APR and APCCB

All hours must be logged.


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