Pilates and Rehabilitation


The Pilates Method is a gentle, yet effective program that, along with proper nutrition and professional medical care, can be a valuable tool in helping recover from a wide variety of injuries and illnesses, including:

  • Obesity
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Attack / Heart Surgery Recovery
  • Osteoporosis
  • Regaining Mobility after Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Spinal Conditions and Injuries
  • Neck Injuries / Whiplash
  • Hip / Knee Replacement
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Bursitis / Tendonitis
  • Abdominal Surgery

We are always pleased to consult with physicians, chiropractors, and other health care professionals to create a customized approach that is tailored to the special needs and goals of clients who are recovering from injuries, illnesses, and other conditions.




Carlotta Jacobson writes:


Anne Haight was my Pilates personal trainer for one year. She has developed a program for me that addressed my specific issues: osteoporosis and scoliosis. Her approach was highly professional. Her exercise program was based on her extensive knowledge of Pilates, the structure of the body and available research.

In the year that I have worked with Anne, my back, pain (which was chronic) was eliminated. My osteoporosis has stabilized and I am physically in great shape. Anne is a natural teacher. She has taught me how and why to care for my body.


Betsy Crowell writes:


Freedom Road Pilates is the gold standard of Pilates trainers. For the past year I have had the privilege of working with Anne and her trainers several times a week. The results have been dramatic. I have lost close to three inches around my mid-region, my chronic neck and lower back pain has disappeared and I am standing tall for the first time in twenty years. I feel like a million dollars. As well, I have found a sense of peace, as an added perk to our sessions.

Anne is a true professional, unlike most personal trainers. Her years of experience in the field of fitness, dance and body-work, clearly contribute to her magnificent skills as a Pilates trainer. Her demonstrations of the exercises are immaculate and articulate. She is encouraging and great fun to work with. Anne receives my highest recommendation.


Sandra Schwarz writes:


It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Anne Haight
I started working with Anne two years ago after I suffered a serious neck injury. Prior to my injury, I had been attending exercise classes and utilizing the services of a personal trainer for strength training. After my injury, I found it impossible to do the simplest physical activity; even walking was painful. Physical therapy and massage therapy helped for a short time but did not allow me to resume normal exercise routines. I started Pilates training on the advice of my neurologist.

At our initial interview, Anne spent a great deal of time gathering information about my injury, my past exercise and medical history and my goals for Pilates training. Although I was very depressed about my injury and apprehensive about starting a new program, Anne was extremely supportive and reassuring. It was apparent from the beginning that Anne had expert knowledge about the body and the way movement can rehabilitate.

My apprehension quickly changed to enthusiasm and confidence as Anne taught me how to work my body in a way that increased my physical strength and flexibility. I was once again able to feel in control of my body.


My husband was so impressed with my improvement that he decided to start Pilates with Anne. He has quickly learned that even a 6'2" basketball jock can greatly improve strength and flexibility through Pilates. He has also greatly decreased his chronic back pain. I was impressed that Anne was able to get him so involved and committed to an exercise class.

Anne is extremely focused and incredibly knowledgeable about body mechanics. No matter what obstacles my injury presented, she was able to rework our routine and obtain results. Anne takes great interest in every client and becomes very tuned in to personality traits and wellness habits. She gently prods you to practice healthy habits every day and have a positive outlook on life. Because she is always so upbeat and encouraging, it is hard to leave an exercise session without feeling a wonderful sense of empowerment to overcome life's setbacks.

Anne is a lifelong learner. She is always sharing new information about physical fitness and improving her own skills by attending conferences. As a teacher trainer and director of a teacher training institute, I recognize that Anne's professionalism, knowledge and sense of commitment to her clients is outstanding.



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